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Gil Ghitelman Cameras
5 Maple Grove Ave.

Westport, CT 06880

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The Times they are a-Changin

In 1964 Bob Dylan's classic became youth's anthem. Camera classics during that period included the Nikon F, Rolleiflex,the Hasselbald SWC and, of course, Leica.

That was then and now is now. We were playing around with our iPhone X and that's when Dylan's song hit us. For casual and not so casual shooting it puts the current crop of point-and-shoot cameras to shame. We confess we had early doubts about the digital camera world but the changes taking place almost daily are incredible. Investing serious money in a system that will surely be outdated in six months troubles us.

At a different level nothing beats film and the renewed interest in film is a game changer or, we should say, a career saver for us. And, it should be noted film cameras are being offered here and elsewhere at amazingly low prices.



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Unmatched Quality and Lower Prices Too!

We’ve been selling quality photo equipment for more than 30 years, specializing in Hasselblad, and our motto: We speak Hasselblad fluently is no idle boast. We’ve earned a stellar reputation over the years for integrity and fair dealing. We put our good name on the line every time we make a trade and the repeat business this has engendered has been most satisfying.

We’re pretty fussy about the equipment we buy, sometimes more critical than we need to be but it’s worked well for us and we’re not about to change. When we buy used equipment we seek out gear that has been gently used and properly cared for. We’ll let the other guys buy the well travelled gear that may function satisfactorily but is not nearly as rock solid as ours. When we describe an item as being pristine you can believe it. Be certain that the equipment we sell not only functions the way it’s supposed to (we guarantee that) but the cosmetics are darn well exemplary.

By the way, we offer advice when asked at no charge. (Some folks say our guidance is priceless but we’ll skip that commercial.)

And while we try to update our website on a regular basis please note that our inventory is constantly changing and a call might help find that elusive item that hasn't been posted.

If you're in a browsing mood, check out our Gitzo tripods .

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